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About Dr. Benanti

Dr. Gregory Benanti attended the University of Illinois from 1970-1973.  He was accepted during his junior year to Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine and received his doctorate in 1976, becoming one of the youngest licensed Doctors of Dental Medicine in the State of Illinois.

Dr. Benanti has been practicing Dentistry since 1976 and has almost 40 years of experience helping patients with a wide range of services. He has amassed thousands of hours of post graduate training with 3 main areas of focus: Full mouth reconstruction of the dentition, rejuvenation and cosmetic enhancement of the smile, and regeneration of the dentition after the loss of teeth through soft tissue grafting, bone grafting and dental implants.

Always on the fore front of new developments in the dental sciences, he was a pioneer in the non-surgical treatment of gum disease, air abrasion, micro dentistry, adhesive dentistry and the use of lasers in dentistry.  Currently exploring the application of new materials and methods in the field of bio-mimetic dental restorations, arresting and possibly reversing tooth decay with the application of oxygen/ozone therapy, and the use of bio-modifiers to enhance soft tissue and bone regeneration as it applies to dental implant surgery.

Family Dental Associates of KY, PSC is one of the largest and most popular dental practices in the metro Louisville area with over 10,000 patients.  Dr. Benanti and his staff are dedicated to providing the very best service to each and every patient.


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