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Dr. Patrick Peters, DDS
Dr. Peters has won several awards for his artistic abilities and has always been drawn to dentistry’s mix of art and science. He is highly skilled in cosmetic procedures and works closely with award-winning ceramists to create beautiful, life-changing smiles. Understanding patients' fears and concerns, Dr. Peters is known for his calming bedside manner and virtually painless injections.

Mini Dental Implants - The Procedure

Mini dental implants are a quick, minor surgery that can attach dentures, so that you no longer have to be concerned with slipping dentures and adhesives. Snap-on dentures are also palate-free, so you can taste and enjoy the foods you love.

Mini Implants combined with a snap-on denture can replace teeth for an entire arch and restore your smile!

Mini implants are smaller and less invasive than traditional implants, making them ideal for patients with some bone loss where the expense of bone grafting and regular implants is not possible.

  • No more slipping dentures
  • Taste and enjoy food again
  • Use your existing dentures or have a custom designed appliance created


Get your smile back with mini implants in Frankfort, KY!