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Single Dental Implants

Dental implants are titanium cylinders that are inserted into the jawbone to provide support for a dental crown, bridge or denture. They create options for replacement of missing teeth that allow Louisville area dentist, Dr. Greg Benanti, to rebuild a smile for a natural-looking appearance and healthy function.

Dental implants "integrate" into the jawbone as the "osseous" bone cells grow closer and closer to the implant surface. This "osseointegration" process helps the implant stay securely in place to withstand chewing and biting forces.

Dental Implants look and feel like natural teeth

Dental implants are the modern solution to replacing missing teeth, and let you smile with confidence.

An implant consists of a crown and root, just like a natural tooth. The majority of implants are made of titanium, which is a metal that is particularly suited to integration with the bone.

Dental implants improve appearance, restore lost chewing ability and give self-confidence back to patients who are missing teeth. Dental implants can replace one, many, or all of your teeth. They are a revolutionary breakthrough for restoring smiles and improving lives.

Dental Implants Help Prevent Bone Loss

  • Dental implants fill unsightly gaps in a smile.
  • Dental implants prevent the bone loss that will occur when a tooth is lost.
  • Dental implants give you the chewing strength of real teeth.
  • Dental implants are used to stabilize dentures in the All-On-4® procedure.
  • Dental implants can be used to stabilize existing loose dentures.
  • Dental implants are used to support a dental bridge.



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Single tooth implant, abutment and crown

Single tooth implants are most useful for replacing a single tooth. A single dental implant is now considered the standard of care for those missing a single tooth. A single dental implant offers a vastly superior solution over a fixed dental bridge, because it restores the lost tooth root, and surrounding healthy teeth remain unharmed.

Your natural tooth root helps maintain bone density, but when you have the unfortunate occurrence of losing a tooth, the bone will deteriorate overtime. Since dental implants integrate with existing bone, your jaw structure remains intact and your oral health is preserved.

Starting at $2099

Immediate load implant tooth replacement (includes extraction)

Immediate load dental implants use a technique in which a tooth or teeth are built on one or more dental implant the same day the implant is placed. With immediate load dental implants, you will have the implant placed and a crown attached before you leave the office.


Starting at $2499